Official ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Poster Makes Deeply Disturbing Threat (PHOTO)

game of thrones season 3 posterWell crikey. Do you remember last season's Game of Thrones poster, which was just a silhouette of a dragon, and people thought it was kind of boring, but then it managed to impress everyone when it was superimposed on tall shit like buildings, and then it looked badass? Needless to say, season 4's poster ... it's not so understated.

Fans have recently been geeking out over all the new posters and footage they've been able to indulge in thanks to the beauty and glory of the Internet. Game of Thrones season 4 is getting closer and closer, and now that it's released "its main key-art marketing poster," according the fancy wording by EW, it's easy to get a sense of the message the people behind the show want to send come spring.

It sure is uplifting, and not at all depressing, let me tell ya.


And here it is!

game of thrones poster

Subtle, isn't it?

Of course, one of the taglines of the series is "valar morghulis," or "all men must die" in High Valyrian. You may initially be angry about how the phrase doesn't seem to include women, but seriously, "All Humans Must Die" or "All People Must Die" or "All of Us Must Die" or "All Homo Sapiens Must Die" doesn't sound nearly as badass, does it? Gah, the English language.

Anyway, Jaqen H'ghar taught Arya Stark "valar morghulis" when he changed his face and gave her a small coin (this is such a weird show), but in a series that's notorious for killing off fan favorites, it's kind of scary to think of who else is left to die. Tyrion? Daenerys? Arya?

Plus, when you have a big, scary black bird with three eyes giving you a warning threatening your impeding doom, it seriously doesn't get much more Game of Thrones than that!

Season 4 is to premiere on April 6, but we can only hope that our favorite characters will be able to dodge a sudden and most likely violent end ... at least for this season. It's easy to imagine, especially since we've been waiting for what seems like eons for author George R. R. Martin to wrap everything up, that in a fit of rage (or drunkenness), he'll just kill everyone off at once via dragon or natural disaster or apocalypse and be done with the damned thing. Makes the newest poster even that much more appropriate, doesn't it?

Are you a fan of the season 4 poster for Game of Thrones? Quite cheery, isn't it?


Images via HBO

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