'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah's Ex Has No Right to Attack Her Parenting

Farrah AbrahamThe hits just keep on coming for Farrah Abraham on Couples Therapy, don't they? Last week it was her mother who flew cross-country to be a total jerk to the former Teen Mom star on camera. This week VH1 brought in Farrah's ex-boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez, to help Dr. Jenn Berman get to the bottom of what is wrong with Farrah. 

Not a bad move -- she showed up without a boyfriend for couples therapy, and then when they tried to have her do some online dating, no guy would come on camera. The producers needed to produce a real live guy to actually address Farrah's relationship issues, and Daniel agreed to be filmed by MTV way back when, so they knew he'd probably say yes.

But it would have been a lot better if the guy stuck to actual relationship issues!


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Instead Daniel came in and attacked her parenting!

He wasn't completely mean; he started off by saying he was attracted to Farrah's "kind heart" and that they had fun together prior to their breakup on Teen Mom. Daniel even admitted that while Farrah is rude and blunt, he doesn't think she realizes she's doing it much of the time ... something that was awfully similar to what Dr. Jenn has been saying on the show. But then he started talking about Farrah's (now 5-year-old) daughter Sophia:

I guess suggestions for Farrah: to be honest, true with herself and to be foremost the best mother she can be to Sophia.

OK, so that's not so bad, right? Actually, it's kind of sweet! Farrah did introduce him to her little girl when they were dating, and he was cool with her having a kid ... so it's nice to know he wants the best for the child.

But then came this:

She should make better decisions in raising Sophia and set a better example for Sophia. That's my honest opinion.


Do a lot of people think it? Sure. But picking on someone's parenting, to their face, is pretty harsh. Especially when you consider Daniel -- as far as we know -- doesn't have kids. So what's a single dude doing doling out parenting advice?

It's not really surprising that Farrah did not want to shake his hand when he left or that his comments about Sophia really seemed to shake her up. And even Dr. Jenn said that "anything that even comes close to criticizing a mom" is very painful. 

Did Daniel go too far? What did you think of his other comments?


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