Kailyn Lowry Brings Out Cruel Haters by Doing Something Completely Innocent

Kailyn Lowry

OMG. What the hell is wrong with people?!? Social media definitely tends to bring out the worst in a lot of folks, particularly those who can't resist tearing people down just for the sake of doing so.

And out of anything she could possibly be criticized for, would you believe Kailyn Lowry is getting grief over (wait for it) how she cries?!?

Yes ... I said how she cries. As in there are insane people tweeting her about breaking down, including one who told her she has the "bitchiest, most whiniest, most annoying voice ever" -- when she's crying.


Are you freakin' kidding me?!?

Who says something like that to another person, whether they are a reality TV star or not? I'm sorry, but that's just plain mean.

Sure, there are some reality TV peeps and celebs that I find annoying as heck too -- but would I ever so much as think about kicking them while they are down and calling them out for showing raw emotion? No way. That's just wrong. (And pretty messed up.)

Hopefully Kailyn realizes that being in the public eye sets her up for people wanting to try and get a rise out of her -- and that she should go ahead and cry as hard as she damn well pleases regardless of what anyone thinks about it.

Having a thick skin isn't always easy, but it's absolutely essential. Especially if you happen to be part of the Teen Mom 2 cast. (Or any of the Teen Mom seasons, for that matter.)

Do you think Kailyn deserves this kind of treatment?


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