Farrah Abraham's MTV Special May Have Been Filled With Fakery

Farrah Abraham being farrahThanks to Being Farrah, MTV's special catch-up sesh with Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, we got to a brand-new glimpse at what the self-made porn queen is up to these days. But like many things related to reality TV, what you saw on Sunday night may have had very little to do with, err, reality.

Upon watching, Jezebel did some sleuthing and suspects that the Austin, Texas house Farrah appeared to be living in during filming of the special is actually a model home. In other words, her entire "home life" -- from each throw pillow to rug to vase and ornamental plant -- may have been thoroughly staged and fake.


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The most glaring proof: There was a framed brochure for "Scott Felder Homes" hanging behind the producer's head in what was supposed to be Farrah's bedroom.

If this is true, and Farrah was only "playing house" in this model home while actually leasing a modest two-bedroom apartment on the same block as her father, it's really just ... sad and pathetic. And it's kind of a joke that she and MTV would think they could pull one over on detail-oriented, savvy viewers.

Then again, between her non-sex tape and various "reality" show appearances, maybe even Farrah can't tell what's real or not anymore. When the lines are that blurred, meh, might as well tape your not-so-reality special in a not-exactly-real home!

What do you believe is true? Do you care if Farrah was faking her home for Being Farrah?


Image via MTV

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