New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Teasers Show Tough Road Ahead for Favorites (VIDEOS)

game of thrones season 4The folks behind Game of Thrones know how to make a good teaser. It's just not fair. Thirty seconds of footage and you feel all the feels. Luckily for us super fans, Game of Thrones has released three new teaser trailers that are, like I said, 30 seconds long. More like practically non-existent due to the end credits. But oh well. We'll take what we can get, damnit. There are also some new badass character posters to check out as well. What else do you have to do today, honestly?

The teasers feature some of our favorite characters, from Bran Stark warging to Tyrion in jail (oh no!) to Daenerys talking to her favorite platonic friend who desperately wants more, Jorah Mormont, fretting over her dragons. Some pretty cool camera angles make getting through this videos worth it. Plus they're 30 seconds!! If you're any kind of fan, you know what a time-suck this series is, so these videos seem tortuously short.


Here is #1:

And #2:

Finally #3:

Of course these videos (for non-book readers) raise more questions than answers. Such as! Will the Starks be fighting back after the horrific Red Wedding? What will Jon Snow have left to brood over after splitting up with Ygritte? Are Daenerys' dragons going to be too much for her to handle? Is Tyrion gonna DIE? If he does, and I certainly wouldn't put it past George R. R. Martin, I can only imagine the reaction the Internet is going to have the next day.

Just like these teasers are simply not enough to satisfy fans, George R. R. Martin is taking foreeeeever to finish up the sixth installment of  A Song of Ice and Fire. In book news, Random House will launch an update for the George R.R. Martin’s A World of Ice and Fire app ... in case you didn't know that existed, you should be glad you read this. It might be worth the download because the update includes a chapter from The Winds of Winter. Check out the full pargraph that was released here, but be warned, the Internet is, yeah yeah, full of spoilers, etc.

All we're getting is 30-second teasers and paragraphs it seems. It's enough to frustrate any fan. Let's just hope season 4 and The Winds of Winter will be well worth this insane wait.

Valar Morghulis. All men must die. So uplifting, eh? Is it April 6 yet?!

Did you have a favorite Game of Thrones season 4 teaser?


Image via GameofThrones/YouTube

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