'Modern Family' Recap: The Real Scene-Stealer This Week Is Covered in Fur

modern family abcThere was a lot of good stuff happening on Modern Family tonight, but sadly, in spite of a uniformly good showing, the award for Making Me Issue the Most Guffaws goes to a non-human actor. Specifically I'm speaking, of course, about the possum that inadvertently trapped Haley and Alex in the basement for the entire duration of the episode. I can't believe that this is what I got so hooked on -- but I did, and I can't be alone.

While watching Cam and Mitchell deal with Lily's lice was cute (in a gross way), and Phil and Jay get into a feud with Gil, Phil's old rival, it was the sisters' antics as they tried to plot their escape from the clutches of a seemingly mellow possum coming out of nowhere that hit a home run! It was the absurdity of their situation that made it such a thigh-slapper. Seriously, I rewound on my DVR a couple of times just to see certain moments again. 


Haley and Alex are moving a mirror down to Haley's basement room because she's been, in her own words, "lonely down there." I'm not usually one for ditsy-girl jokes, but this one was choice, especially since it was followed up by her sister comparing her to a parakeet. Too true. Sister-friend does love her some quality preening time, ya feel me?

As they are moving the mirror downstairs, Haley's phone rings. In a series of quick actions, she drops her phone on the stairs and the girls rest the mirror once they reach the bottom. From Haley's room, they see not just Haley's phone resting on the steps -- but a possum! Having emerged from the shadows! They spend the whole episode waiting for their mom -- or anyone -- to come and save them from the tricky rodent. Hilariously, this means watching Haley go through the agony of not being able to answer her phone, AND -- added bonus -- we get to see Cam finally help them, once he gets over his terror at the sight of the possum, of course. 

What was your favorite moment this week?


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