Chelsea Houska Confesses Completely Ridiculous Beauty Woe (PHOTO)

Chelsea Houska teen mom 2 starNo matter how many hairstyles, hair colors, or new piercings she gets, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska manages to look ultra-glam. The woman just has a knack for pulling herself together! Sadly, it sounds like she doesn't always see herself that way.

After what must've been a tough few days -- what with her baby daddy Adam Lind narrowly escaping an absolutely terrifying car accident -- Chels took to Twitter to share a selfie, which she admitted she hasn't done for some time.

Check it out ...


Whaaat?! Can't help but roll my eyes at that caption. What in the world is she thinking lamenting that her chin looks big?! All I see is some seriously stunning, dramatic eye makeup and rockin' red lips that pair perfectly with Chelsea's latest flame-hued mane! Love the look! Also, check out how awesomely bright and WHITE her teeth are. (Maybe she's been Zoom-ing it up. Or at least using an at-home whitening kit.)

At any rate, Aubree's mama looks outrageously gorge! Now, her fans and followers can only wish that Chelsea herself sees it, too.

What do you think about Chelsea's latest look?


Image via MTV

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