Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Majorly Disagree About Plans for Their Children

Sean LoweThey are probably still sending out thank-you notes for wedding gifts, but that doesn't preclude Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici from butting heads. The newly wedded couple took some time to answer questions sent in by fans -- because they are nothing if not gracious to those who admire them. However, one of the questions had the couple at odds. Talk about awkward.

The fan asked if Sean and Catherine would ever let a daughter of theirs participate on The Bachelor. Sean was shockingly quick AND emphatic in his answer: No way, Jose! He didn't let it rest there either; he went on to explain himself. Sean wouldn't want his daughter kissing a guy who's kissing 24 other women. Uh, yeah. Bet that made Catherine feel awesome.


She seemingly took this slam in stride. I personally would have slapped Sean upside the head, but that is why I will be never be a participant on these shows. That and the fact that I am just too sexy and televisions the world over would literally explode should I appear in a program. Luckily, Catherine has bucket-loads more grace and composure than I do.

Catherine disagreed with Sean -- clearly. She even one-upped him in the fake-parenting department, saying that she'd have no problem with it because hopefully their daughter would have been instilled with the sort of values necessary to make it through the show, morality intact.

Fair point, Catherine! But, like, this is not something she should have to explain to the man who met her because SHE was a participant on the show! Clearly not all contestants are created equal, as Catherine points out. Sean just wound up looking like a massive hypocrite.

Do you agree with Sean or Catherine?


Image via I am Second/YouTube

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