'Are You the One?' Recap: Another Perfect Match Disrupts Love Triangle

One week after the Are You the One? contestants managed to find 5 out of 10 perfect matches, we could hold out hope that they were heading in the right direction. Finding out that Dillan and Coleysia were their first perfect match was also just an added bonus.

This week, kicked things off with Simone (the resident pot-stirrer, and thus my natural fave) telling Chris T. that his continued romance with Shanley wasn't exactly kosher with the rest of the house. If you remember, in week two, Chris and Shanley went into the truth booth and discovered that they were not a perfect match. Not one little bit.

That hasn't stopped the couple from, ahem, acting couplish and spending every single night together. At one point last night, Chris even gives a shout-out to Shanley's mom: "Please send her more birth control." Cl-ass-y, right there.


When the time came for the ceremonial challenge, host Ryan Devlin had the couples pair up and compete by eating flavored Icees. The last couple standing would receive a private one-on-one date, and the next top three finishers would get sent on a group date with a potential truth booth selection.

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Sounds fun and easy enough, right? How could contestants not love a nice chilled cup of flavored ice shavings? Oh that's right, let's not forget MTV busted out some of its Challenge ideas and brought out the best flavors of Icees: pickle juice, fish with fish chunks, and pig's feet. YUM.

After a disgustingly impressive showing, Brittany and Joey shocked everyone by pulling out first place and earning themselves a private evening date. Quickly after, Ethan and Amber, Paige and Chris T., and Shanley and Dre finished their delicious concoctions and grabbed their spots on the group date.

While the one-on-one date featured cliff diving and a sweet dinner, the real drama this week came when the group date started. With Chris, Paige, and Shanley all present, the love triangle monster couldn't help but rear its ugly head. Since Chris and Paige were technically together for the evening, and Shanley was with Dre, it would have made sense that Chris would choose to spend more time with his actual date. In reality, not so much. He spent the entirety of the date lusting longing after Shanley and ignoring Paige.

So when the remainder of the house guests chose to send Chris and Paige into the truth booth, he quickly made it public: "Whether we're a match or not, my heart belongs to Shanley."

Then again, I can't be that surprised. This is the same guy who compared himself to Thomas Edison. Yes, you read that correctly. Thomas. Edison. Because apparently Chris is to the truth booth as Thomas Edison was to hundreds of years of scientific thought: they ignore the negative. Edison invented the light bulb despite dissenting public opinion and Chris will continue to hook up with Shanley even if he knows they're not a match.

I can't.

At the end of the night, it really didn't matter because the truth booth revealed that Chris T. and Paige are a match, so the triangle crisis is still incoming. And with all the action tonight, we're going to have to wait until next week for the matching ceremony! But at least we can look forward to a Shanley vs. Simone standoff that we know already features crying, choice words, and some flying lamps. I'm already counting down the days.

What are your thoughts? Is Chris right for ignoring the truth booth and pursuing his "feelings"? Is his "love over money" motivation right?


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