'Bachelor' Recap: Andi Disses Juan Pablo Where It Hurts the Most

Andi DorfmannFreakin' finally! Who else wanted to get up and cheer tonight after seeing the insane yet highly entertaining drama that went down on The Bachelor?

Oh man, Juan Pablo Galavis really found himself in some hot water tonight -- to the point where he may never be able to fully recover from what Andi Dorfman just did to his reputation.

We already knew he doesn't say much and really does not appear to be 100 percent in love with any of the remaining women. But after hearing Andi's recount of what went down in the fantasy suite after their date? OMG. She basically just exposed Juan Pablo as a total fraud.


Um, can you believe he even so much as mentioned his overnight date with Clare during his time with Andi? Damn. I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall when he went into detail about what did or did not go on with her -- in front of yet another woman that he's spending the night with!

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And how about her realization that Juan Pablo seems to care more about himself than any of the women? Um, if that's really the case, then he's basically the complete opposite of everything he portrays himself as. Instead of being this selfless, devoted father who is looking for a wife to complete his family -- he's suddenly just another dude who signed up for a reality TV dating show in the hopes of becoming the next big thing.

As much as Juan Pablo claims to adore Camila, let's just hope that isn't true and that Andi is totally overreacting. 

And duh, another scenario is possible here too. Could it be that Andi decided to kick Juan P. to the curb because she knew it would seal the deal as far as her being the next Bachelorette goes? Could be. For sure. I mean, it seemed like she kept dragging out their conversation about what happened in the fantasy suite just for the sake of dragging it out. If she were really done with him, why didn't she just get the heck out of St. Lucia as fast as she could?

Seriously, toward the end, Andi started to come off as a little bit bratty and mean. She just kept going on and on -- which is essentially the same thing she was criticizing Juan Pablo for.

But whatever. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what else she has to say on "The Women Tell All" special. Not to mention the other gals in the house. OMG. I feel kinda scared for Juan P. already.

What do you think really happened between Juan Pablo and Andi in the fantasy suite?


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