'Glee' Recap: Rachel Berry's Big Break Hits a Bigger Snag

Lea Michele Naya RiveraIt was starting to feel like Glee was never coming back, but it finally happened! Fox served up the first episode of 2014 this week, and with a title like "Frenemies," we should have known the episode was going to have some explosions. But after the year Rachel Berry has been through, who would have expected she'd bear the brunt of the worst of it?

She's gone from being a NYADA student trying to make it in the big city to the leading lady in a big Broadway production, of course. But tonight Rachel found out that her Broadway break isn't going to be all puppies and rainbows.

She's got a problem.


And her name is Santana Lopez.

Saw that coming, did you?

I have to say it was awfully strange how Rachel and Santana went from more or less despising each other (um, hello, Santana took Finn's virginity) back in the day to being besties last season. I understand the writers needed a convincing way to put her back on the show, and moving her to New York and into Kurt and Rachel's loft seemed like it made the most sense. But the appeal of Santana had always been her nasty edge, and it was about time she got her bitch switch flipped.

And it definitely has. Dealing with the troubling aftermath of shooting a Yeast-I-Stat commercial and with no other projects lined up, Santana decided to burst into the auditions for Rachel's understudy on the show and nailed it. Facing the marketing gold of selling two young girls from the same high school finding success on the biggest stage on the world, the director casts her immediately ... and destroys Rachel in the process.

So much for escaping Lima and all the things that were holding her back ... here her big bully is now moving in on her big break.

I know some Gleeks could take Rachel or leave her because she can be a little pushy and self-centered, but put yourself in her shoes. Remember the one kid you couldn't stand in high school? Now imagine you are finally working your dream job, doing the one thing you've always wanted to do, and you go in one morning to find that kid sitting at the next desk?

You'd be devastated, wouldn't you?

Rachel moving out of the loft over it all doesn't seem so bad when you put it in that context, does it?

It will be interesting to see if Rachel can hack it or if she folds under the pressure, letting Santana get the part she really wants.

Did you think Rachel overreacted or would you have done the same?


Image via Adam Rose/FOX

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