Farrah Abraham May Live to Regret Sophia's 5th Birthday Party (PHOTOS)

Farrah Abraham & SophiaI know she has the means to do things over the top and all, but wait until you hear about the lavish birthday party Farrah Abraham threw for 5-year-old Sophia.

Most kids are happy with some cake, a few friends, and maybe a cool bounce house -- but Sophia got way, way more than that. Here's a hint: think ponies, train rides, and of course -- a Glamour Shots-style photoshoot complete with feather boas.

No, I'm not kidding. Are you really all that surprised?


Here are a few more photos from the party.

Sophia Abraham

(Don't even get me started on that poor animal's hair.)

train ride

princess cake

Dang. Wish I'd been invited to that little shin-dig. (I mean when I was 5.)

Ok, so I'm sure Sophia had the time of her life celebrating her 5th birthday, and honestly, I really can't blame Farrah for going all out on her party. (What mom wouldn't if she had the money to do so?)

But here's the thing -- now Farrah is going to have to try and top this party every year from here on out, which isn't going to be an easy feat. If Sophia's next birthday bash isn't just as amazeballs -- she's never going to hear the end of it, because she's totally ruined her with a party fit for a princess.

Yep. She really might want to think about getting a head start on planning now to make sure Sophia isn't disappointed when she turns 6. The last thing Farrah needs is for the birthday girl to have a frown on her face.

Would you ever throw your child a party this nice?


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