Jenelle Evans Planning New Tattoo That Actually Sounds Pretty Sweet

Jenelle Evans

Geez! It sure seems like she's in a rush for her pregnancy to be over, because Jenelle Evans already has a new tattoo in the works in honor of her new baby, who she plans on naming "Kaiser."

I know, I know -- pregnancy isn't exactly the time to think about getting all inked up, but considering how fond Jenelle is of tattoos, I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised that she wants another one.


And she sounds really, really pumped, you guys. She posted this tweet to share her plans, and it's obvious she's thinking long and hard about the design of this one.

Aww. Kind of sweet that she wants a new one for the baby in her life, isn't it? (Yes, it is, just go with it.)

Hmm. I wonder what sort of ideas are running through her brain? Kaiser. The possibilities are endless. She could always just go with something simple, like his name. Or how about a tattoo of a big old sandwich? That could be sort of cute, what with the kaiser roll thing tied in and all. 

Ooo! Or since Kaiser means "head of hair" in German -- maybe she could get a tat of a baby with a big old mop going on? 

Again -- there's no telling which direction she'll go with this thing. But shortly after Kaiser's arrival, we'll definitely have to be on the lookout for Jenelle's brand new ink job.

What do you think Jenelle's tattoo design should be?


Image via Instagram

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