Maci Bookout Has a Problem With Bentley That Every Mom Dreads

Maci Bookout BentleyOh man. She may be a reality TV star whose life is a bit more exciting and eventful than most moms in this country, but that doesn't mean Maci Bookout doesn't face her fair share of parenting challenges on a daily basis.

And after reading a tweet she posted this morning, I couldn't help but nod my head in agreement and chuckle a little while saying, "Ugh. I've been there, and I feel ya honey!"

Check it out.


I swear, as soon as you become pregnant, they should make you sign some sort of waiver saying that you understand that you're basically surrendering your right to sleep for at least the next 10 years or so of your life.

Isn't it a total buzz kill how kids don't seem to grasp the concept of sleeping in, even after they're well out of the baby and toddler phase? I remember thinking as soon as my son hit the age of, say, 4 -- he'd suddenly figure out that staying in bed in the mornings is, like, the best thing ever.

For the record, he turns 8 on Sunday, and I'm still waiting for that moment of pure bliss when he doesn't serve as my own personal alarm clock.

Hopefully Maci did manage to squeeze in a nap today. Ugh. If only the rest of us were lucky enough to be able to take an afternoon siesta, we'd all be much happier.

Do your kids wake you up at the crack of dawn?


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