'Private Lives of Nashville Wives' Recap: Sarah Steals the Show, But Barely

The premise behind Private Lives of Nashville Wives sounds interesting enough: six women, some of whom are married to accomplished country music performers, try to balance their family lives with social obligations and professional careers. Nashville is a fascinating and dynamic city that deserves to be the star of its own show. Sadly though, the same cannot be said for most of the women we met on tonight's premiere episode.


Sarah Davidson, who probably has the most famous spouse of the women, country music bigwig Dallas Davidson, is also the most compelling character to watch. First of all, she's a talented singer in her own right. Second, she's actually putting herself out there and trying to make her dreams come true. She performs in front of a live audience just days after walking the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards with her husband. She's the real deal and I believe her when she promises that she and Dallas support one another. Theirs seems like a marriage based on mutual respect and admiration, and I'd watch this show again just to root for Sarah's success (fingers crossed).

And then there's Erika White, a former soap opera star who is now a stay-at-home mom married to country music singer Bryan White. Now that her kids are grown, she's desperate to do more, but I have no idea what she has in mind. Does she want to get back into acting? Start her own business? Become an astronaut? All are possibilities. She seems like a lost child unable to find her path. Whereas I feel positive about Sarah, I can't help feeling sorry for Erika. I picture her breaking down any minute.

Jenny Terrell is a business woman who works for LivingSocial and is super into talking about her success. To be fair, she also boasts about her event-producing husband's success, as well. Oh, and then she gets together for a drink with Sarah and discusses her success with her.

Cassie Chapman is an adorable woman who is the third wife of Christian musician Gary Chapman. She was a Hooters girl before they met and seems more hung up on how she's 23 years younger than him and is thought of as a gold digger than anyone watching her might be. She's determined to prove she isn't a "trophy wife," which is all well and good. But the real problem here is that her husband's life -- he's trying to revive his career -- is far more interesting than hers seems at this point. I'm simply not sure what she does yet.

I left identical twins Ana and Betty for last because all I can say about them after watching this episode is that they refuse to touch the dead pig they had been planning for, like, years to catch and roast for some party they'd also been planning for, like, years. Betty is married to a founding member of The Mavericks and prides herself on being tough as nails, which I guess could be exciting. And Ana is a single mom who apparently dates men who are terrible for her, which I also guess could be exciting. But right now, these two are about as exciting as rice cakes.

And there you have it. If Sarah hadn't carried the show by guiding us toward her live performance, we'd have had very little to look forward to. Let's hope these women begin showing us what they're really made of and that this lackluster premiere episode was just a teeny glimpse into their much more interesting lives.

Did you watch the premiere episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives? What did you think?


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