'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kim Richards Says What We've ALL Been Thinking

Kim Richards The girls went to Puerto Rico this week to fight. I mean, they went to enjoy fun and the sun and to support Joyce Giraud as she grieves for her father. But it's The Real Housewives and anytime they travel, there will be fighting -- dead dad or no dead dad. This week Lisa Vanderpump found herself in the center of the confrontation circle (totally a thing), with Yolanda Foster unexpectedly leading the charge.

Lisa has told too many lies to too many people and it's all catching up with her. The bone of contention this trip was that Lisa snidely suggested to Brandi Glanville that she pack tabloids containing rumors about Kyle Richards' husband's cheating scandal in her luggage for the last trip. As Kyle pointed out, if Lisa had copped to doing it and said, "Sorry it was a lame joke," that would've been fine. But Lisa refused to admit she was wrong in any way. 


Lisa just isn't equipped for conflict. This is funny coming from a woman who makes it her business to stir the pot full of stewing drama (ummmm drama). When the girls try to sort out why Lisa continues to talk smack about even her supposed friends, she skulks away -- literally refusing to engage them. Lisa, Yolanda's about as threatening as my cat Rumi: He is silky and purrs and likes belly rubs. So yeah.

The truly frustrating thing about the fight was how Ken Todd refused to let it happen. I get standing up for your wife, and defending her honor, etcetera, etcetera -- but he was being a straight dick, yo. He called Yolanda stupid! He bellowed at everyone! He was rude and loud -- like a young Michael Caine only not Michael Caine so it was infinitely less endearing. Finally, Kim Richards, sober but still quirky enough to try and fit inside her own suitcase, told Ken to "shut your goddamn mouth." I laughed so loud and hard. She went on to call him a loud old man and I was all, "Kim Richards, you speak truths, 20 points for Hufflepuff!" Because you know she'd be in Hufflepuff. 

Do you think Lisa is telling the truth, or is she caught in a lie?


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