'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle's Abortion Comes Back to Haunt Her

Jenelle EvansOK, quick raise of hands. Who thought it was crazy for Jenelle Evans to be planning a pregnancy when she just had an abortion? You too? Well then this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 should have you saying "told ya!"

Tonight Jenelle ended up with a positive pregnancy test. Only problem?


She couldn't tell if it was her body picking up leftover hormones from her last pregnancy ... or if boyfriend Nathan Griffith had actually put a new bun in that oven. Ay yi yi.

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Turns out it was a false positive, so no baby ... yet (we all know Jenelle's pregnant in real life, right?). Jenelle cried, but Nathan made sure to cheer her up by telling her they'd have to practice at least three times a day to make sure she really is pregnant next time.


I know, I know, after last week's episode I said Jenelle seemed to be straightening out, and hey, a pregnancy scare from a girl who is in a relationship (who has told people she wants a baby!) is a lot less scandalous than shooting heroin, right? But still it seems Jenelle should be listening to the people around her who are telling her she's moving WAY too fast with Nathan.

If she'd at least waited until the post-abortion pregnancy hormones had cleared out of her system, she never would have ended up in a doctor's office crying!

Of course it wasn't all about Jenelle tonight. We got to see the aftermath of Kailyn's move to Delaware in the midst of her custody battle with Jo.

Mama got good news -- she and Jo compromised on nine days with Dad for Isaac (he had been spending eight with the Riveras), and she got the green light for the move to Delaware. Unfortunately it took going to court for that to happen. Kailyn tried to strike the nine-day deal with Jo at home to save them lawyer fees and time, but he was too busy being stubborn to say yes.

Unfortunately the news wasn't so good for Leah, whose husband got a medical layoff from his job after passing out at work. Jeremy came home early to see a doctor about headaches he's been having, only to get the pretty nebulous diagnosis of "stress." Gee, a father of three (well stepfather of two of them) and primary breadwinner is stressed? Tells us something we don't know, doc!

The medical scare does mean that Jeremy is going to try to find a job closer to home, which should be good for Leah (who, surprise, surprise, is also stressed!), but you can already see the strain this is all putting on their marriage. No doubt sparks are going to fly at some point in this season.

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Then there's Chelsea, who threw a big birthday party for Aubree and even agreed to let Adam come over to say happy birthday on the big day. Adam seemed to follow Chelsea's request that he not bring up his brand new baby on Aubree's big day. But he pulled a real jerk move when he asked the 4-year-old if she wanted to go with him ... when he knew she had to stay with mom that day. So much for a second baby making him more mature, huh?

What did you think of Barbara's reaction to Jenelle's pregnancy test? 


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