Chris Harrison's Dream Bachelorette Could Change Everything About The Show

Chris HarrisonChris Harrison is opening up about who he thinks the next Bachelorette should be -- and his answer shows just how much his years of experience as a host have paid off. Chris thinks that the next Bachelorette should be none other than Jennifer Aniston. A week ago I would've been all "get hip to the jive, Harrison," but with rumors about the demise of her relationship with Justin Theroux swirling, the dude is on to something in a big way.

Having such an A-Lister on the show could only be awesome. Insane, yes, but totally awesome nonetheless. Not only would a star contestant put some omph back into the show, and attract a new audience -- Jen on-board would equal some crazy, Notting-Hill-esque moments sure to attract a new audience for the show. It would be a ratings bonanza! The only problem with Jen starring on the show? 


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While Chris is all about Jen coming on the show to work out her love-woes, he says he wouldn't be able to host the show if she was on it! What's this? A hilarious and heretofore unknown feud between Chris Harrison and Jennifer Aniston? Oh no friends, much though that would amuse, the truth is much more romantic.

Chris says he couldn't host because...he'd want to be a contestant! Aw, how cute! That's like a romantic comedy that basically writes itself. I think it would be even better if it started off with Chris as the judge per usual, but then halfway through he "quits" in order to make his own bid for Jen's affections. This would also clear the way for me to host The Bachelorette, which has long been a secret dream of mine #secretsrevealed.

Which celeb would you like to see star on The Bachelorette?


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