Erin Andrews is the 2nd Best Thing That Could Happen to 'DWTS'

Many Dancing With the Stars fans are still getting over the shock that, after 8 seasons, host Brooke Burke-Charvet was fired -- something few of us really expected to see happen. I, personally, felt Brooke did a great job and, though she wasn't the most exciting hostess with the mostest, she had a graceful and sweet quality about her that, at the very least, didn't offend anyone.

Can't say the same about DWTS's replacement for Brooke, which was annouced just one day after Brooke got the ax. Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews has agreed to take over co-hosting duties with Tom Bergerson when season 18 premieres on March 17 -- and not everyone is thrilled with the decision.


Many Brooke defenders are having a difficult time understanding why producers replaced a host who had real dance training with a sports host -- one who often garners headlines for being pretty and having nude photos taken of her without her knowledge.

But that's just not fair. It can't be easy being Erin and trying to constantly prove herself in a male-dominated industry. She holds her own while interviewing the most macho of football coaches and players and has always behaved in a professional, classy manner.

As for dance experience: hello, she and Maxim Chmerkovskiy placed third out of 11 couples on season 10 of DWTS, and the woman was a member of her college dance team. She doesn't exactly have two left feet.

And that isn't even the point, really. Erin isn't being asked to judge the competition -- she's being employed to do what she does best: talk and give commentary. Everything will be just fine with her at the helm, guys.

My only reservation about this pick is this: why do producers assume Erin will help with ratings? If they're looking to appeal to a younger demographic, which I assumed was the point of this recent shakedown, doesn't it make more sense to ask someone like Julianne Hough to host?

What do you think of the choice to replace Brooke with Erin Andrews? Would you rather see someone else co-host DWTS?


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