'Girls' Recap: Secrets Between Friends? DGAF!

Girls lena dunhamOh Girls. Adam gets the role in a Broadway play. Jessa is doing coke. Again. And Hannah is interviewing Patti LuPone who ends up giving her relationship advice that totally freaks her out. But! What really struck me in this episode of HBO's Girls is how Marnie isn't telling Hannah the whole truth about what is going on with Ray.

Secrets between friends? Between Girls? Yes. It's happening. It happens. Sometimes you just can't tell your friends everything.


I guess telling your supposed best friend who you kind of hate right now that you are having sex with your other best friend's ex-boyfriend is kind of a weird thing to talk about. Not an easy topic to discuss. But Marnie is getting it on with Ray. Who she claims she doesn't even like. And when Ray breaks up with her, she seems fine. She tells him she doesn't care -- DGAF if you will.

What? Yeah. So Su-Jin, the friend Marnie runs into at the fro-yo place, uses the phrase DGAF, which I will admit is new to me. I know the WTF, OMFG, even the DTF, but DGAF ... not until now. Consider me schooled in the Don't Give A Fuc*k. 

So Marnie claims to not "GAF" about Ray, having sex with Ray, hanging out with Ray, shoving pizza in her mouth with Ray, but when Ray tells her he's done, that he wants a true love, a girl to have a serious relationship with, Marnie storms out, pizza in mouth, seemingly like she DGAF. But later we learn that isn't the case. She's crying about it to Hannah without telling Hannah why.

When Hannah asks her what's wrong she says, "Can't tell." Secrets. Between friends. 

I think she should have told her. But she doesn't really trust Hannah right now. She hasn't felt like she has been a good friend. So how could she? At the same time, how could she have been doing this with Ray and NOT told anyone? Tough spot to be in. And the tears make me wonder if she really does care for Ray or if Marnie just needs someone to want her all the time.

What do you think of Marnie's situation? Do you keep secrets from friends sometimes?

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