'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Nene Leaks Makes a HUGE Mistake With Her Bestie!

Nene LeakesIt's crazy just how far Nene Leakes is willing to go to make sure her enemies recognize their place in the pecking order according to Madame Leakes. Last week, Nene was furious with Kenya Moore for inviting her to a charity gala in her honor...and not telling her about it. Fair enough, but Nene's declasse actions at said gala didn't make her look like the victim she actually was. The tide was beginning to turn against her, and this week, it crashed down and soaked everyone. "VERILY HAVE I SMOTE THEE" said Neptune, God of the seas. Then he was whisked away by an army of virile sea horses. It was pretty great. I hope you DVR'ed it.

Nene is losing more friends by the second. Her tumultuous relationship with her drama-loving bridesmaid Marlo Hampton has never been, you know -- easy. As my use of the word 'tumultuous' would indicate. This week, it looks like it's over altogether. 


Cynthia Bailey, for reasons I don't entirely understand, threw a sort of field-day for all of her friends. It lasted roughly five minutes before devolving into name calling and microphones being ripped from athletic-garb-wearing cast-members, who were hot to trot. Nene didn't invite Marlo to be on her team (because this is middle school.) Marlo pretended like it didn't bother her and tried to be happy to be on Kenya's team. This was probably her next mistake.

I'd bet money on Nene being pissed at Marlo for being friends with Kenya. I think that's genuinely her only crime. Marlo couldn't put up with the childishness for a moment more. She should have just left. Instead, she got into it with Nene who wouldn't even speak to her. I genuinely covered my mouth in shock. I know. I've entered a weird chapter of my life. Easily being taken aback by reality shows is part of that chapter. Marlo swears she won't speak to Nene again, Nene sauntered off mumbling about Donald Trump, and Kenya Moore kept talking about how she hoped this wasn't her fault. For once, Kenya might have gotten it right in thinking this is all about her.

Do you think Nene is just mad about Kenya, or is it something else?


Image via Bravo

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