'Being Catelynn' Recap: Tyler & Catelynn Answer the Question We're All Asking

Catelynn Lowell Being CatelynnFans of Teen Mom's cutest couple have been begging MTV to bring Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra back to the small screen ever seen the show went off the air back in spring 2013, and it's finally happened. FINALLY! MTV aired Being Catelynn this weekend, and folks, we got the answer to the question that's been hanging over these two young lovers' heads for months now.

ARE Cate and Ty ever going to tie the knot? The answer is ...



The wedding that Tyler called off in a Couples Therapy episode last year that made us all cry buckets is back on ... eventually.

Pause for your happy dance ...


To be honest this special about Catelynn and Tyler was a little hard to watch.

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It opened with them still unsure about the state of their wedding, and MTV was surprisingly open about how much of a role producers play in the "reality" of the show. At one point, Catelynn's younger sister, Sarah -- who is now living with the couple in the house they purchased together -- asks if they'll ever get married. A fight breaks out, and after Ty storms into the house alone, Catelynn tells an off-camera producer that she does NOT want to talk about the wedding right now.

It seemed as if this was the big issue on the agenda for the network, and at times Tyler came off as a real jerk for stringing Catelynn along. He loves her enough to buy a house with her, enough to be engaged to her ... but he can't commit to a wedding date? Come on, dude!

At other times it felt like MTV was purposely trying to make Tyler look like a bad guy as he was guilted over and over into having the conversation about when he was going to finally settle down with Catelynn.

It's hard to say if either is true, but it did make for some tough watching, especially because these two have earned their status as fan favorites. We LIKE Tyler. We don't want to see him as the bad guy or see him suffer a guilt trip. The same goes for Catelynn. We like her, and don't want to see her as the nag ... or see her get hurt.

One thing that was clear throughout was how much these two really have invested in the other and the genuine love that's there, even when the other can't see it.

At one point Catelynn takes a pregnancy test -- she took out her Mirena IUD because of a cyst on her ovary and despite using condoms with Tyler, several days of throwing up have her a little worried. It turns up negative, but when her mom asks if Catelynn thought a pregnancy scare would speed up Tyler's decision, she's quick to say she would NEVER pull something like that on him.

Good for her!

In fact it's Tyler himself who figures out what is really going on. As he admits to his mom, he's just scared of marriage in general, but it's not about Catelynn.

He then asks for her ring back, and in one of the cutest moments in Teen Mom history, gets down on his knee and re-pops the question, while promising to commit.

Good thing, too ... Catelynn had to plunk down more than $700 on the wedding dress she'd ordered or risk losing it! Now we just have to hope that MTV will let us see her actually wear the thing down the aisle.

What did you think of Tyler's proposal? Would you watch a full spin-off show with these two?


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