'Being Farrah' Recap: Farrah Abraham Hasn't Screwed Up Her Daughter ... Yet

Farrah Abraham Being FarrahHoly flashback Batman! It's been nearly a year since the last episode of Teen Mom appeared on MTV, but the network isn't any more ready than the fans to let the original cast go. This weekend they treated us to not one, not two but three "Being Teen Mom" specials to get a glimpse at what the girls are up to these days. And the first one to air was Being Farrah, a look at what Farrah Abraham is up to these days.

You know ... in case you've missed the 349 million tabloid articles, sex tapes, and other reality shows featuring the former cheerleader turned household name. To be honest, this episode wasn't so much an update on the life of Farrah Abraham as it was a look at what her choices have done to her little girl, Sophia.

Has Farrah completely screwed up her toddler's life?


Welllll ... not quite as bad as all Farrah's haters would expect. Phewwww!

Despite the pacifier permanently plugged into her mouth, little Sophia has turned into quite the talker, and she's already writing her own name. And in addition to filling her daughter in on way too much information about her beauty routine -- Mommy's going to her aesthetician today to look younger! -- Farrah spends car rides quizzing her tot on math problems like a normal engaged mom.

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She even steps in when her daughter throws a (normal for a toddler) fit and puts her in time out ... just like most moms of 4-year-olds would do.

So far, so good, right? Sophia has a pretty normal toddler life between pre-school and dance class and a bedroom full of stuffed animals.

Which isn't to say it's all roses and clover at chez Abraham.

Farrah has purchased a gorgeous house in Austin, Texas for her little family, and her dad Michael is now crashing in the guest house. Farrah has her own office in the house, complete with a giant blow-up of her infamous Girls & Corpses magazine cover and even a shot of the cover of her sex tape. Did I mention this office is a spot in the house where Sophia gets to spend time? Even Skypes with Grandma with the big picture of half-nekkid Mom behind her?

Then there's Farrah's own tanning booth in the house, and of course she tells her 4-year-old she is going to go tanning tonight. Because that's a totally normal conversation to have with your toddler daughter, right? Not setting disturbing beauty ideals into her head at all, right?


Honestly, the problem isn't that Farrah is a bad mom.

She really seems to be TRYING to be a good one, and for that I give her a ton of credit. She honestly seems to think that all the choices she's made are for the best of her family and says that the mistakes she's made will help her protect her daughter from making the same ones. I can't argue with her there. 

The problem is that Farrah is still a very immature 22-year-old who doesn't necessarily see the very distinct possibility down the road of all of these decisions biting her in the rump.

Take what she says when an MTV producer asks her what happens when Sophia finds out about all her sex industry business -- Farrah says no one would bring up her sex life to her kid unless they're "sick and twisted" and therefore don't belong in their life anyway. Uh ... does she remember middle school? Heck, bullying -- and inappropriate conversations -- start a whole lot younger these days! It isn't sick and twisted adults who are likely to ask Sophia about her mom's sex tape ... it's going to be other kids.

Not to mention Farrah already has the challenge any teen parent has of trying to encourage their kids to "do as I say, not as I did" when it comes to teen sex, but now she has to add sex tapes to to that list of things not to do.

Something tells me things will not be easy for Sophia as the years go on, but Farrah does deserve credit for the things she's doing RIGHT. At least she's trying. 

What did you think of Sophia's tantrum? Does she seem like a "normal" kid to you?


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