Mackenzie Douthit Reveals Shockingly Small Tummy Just 2 Weeks Post-Birth (PHOTO)

mackenzie mckeeWell this certainly won't help ease the anger of some moms when celebrities reveal how (miraculously?) quickly they're able to bounce back to their skinny selves by posting pics of their post-baby bodies. Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee, née Douthit, showed on Instagram just how quickly she lost her baby bump a mere two weeks after giving birth to her second child. You read that right. Two weeks!

The 19-year-old captioned it, "Two weeks later. All my muscle is gone; (. But dr said I could start working out again today; ). Woo. Time to get my six pack back."

Wow. Must be nice.


For most moms, it takes months, even years to get back into the shape that Mackenzie is currently enjoying. And all she can do is lament that she lost her six-pack. If only we could all be so lucky. Hell, I don't even look like that on a good skinny day.

Of course, she is definitely enjoying a 19-year-old's metabolism, but you can't help but feel like she's rubbing it in a little. More power to her, blah blah blah, but will this make moms struggling to lose that weight feel like crap? Mackenzie gave birth to a healthy baby girl on February 7, even though there were some complications with her type 1 diabetes. She had a C-section and Jaxie Taylor McKee was born.

Eyebrows were raised that this is Mackenzie's second child at just 19 years old, but doctors did warn her that her diabetes would make any pregnancy risky, so she went for it. Luckily for her and the rest of her family, everything worked out.

Still, you've got to be a little bit jealous that this is how she's shaping up just TWO WEEKS after her pregnancy. TWO WEEKS. Still can't quite get over that. Let's hope that a majority of other moms are well aware of how not normal this is and that they take their time to lose that baby weight in the most healthful, steady way possible.

Are you surprised by Mackenzie's post-baby belly?


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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