'Walking Dead' 'Claimed' Sneak Peek Shows Rick in a Seriously Bad Situation (VIDEO)

Walking DeadHere's the official AMC synopsis for Sunday's Walking Dead episode: A number of immediate threats plague Rick; group members deal with their past. Boy, that show description is just as maddeningly vague as usual -- but based on the sneak peeks and promos for episode 11 of season 4, I think we can make a few guesses about what we'll see.

If you're not caught up with the latest Walking Dead, or you like to remain 100% spoiler-free, here's your chance to click away! Otherwise, let's take a look at the teasers that have been released for "Claimed."


It's looking like this next episode will mostly be focused on a couple of storylines: Michone, Rick, and Carl at the abandoned house; and the new characters (Sgt. Abraham Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa) teaming up with Glenn and Tara.

Here's a sneak peek that gives us a look at Rick and Michonne having kind of an awkward conversation in the homey kitchen of that house they're shacked up in:

Rick seems reluctant to get back out on the road, doesn't he? Heck, I wouldn't want to leave either, what with the comfy furniture and pudding and all. But I'm guessing his hand will be forced by the fact that someone has either already been staying in the house, or they try to take it over. Take a look at this next promo:

Cut in amongst the Abraham/Glenn stuff are some shots of Rick hiding from … well, who or what exactly? Looks like someone came into the house toting a gun:

We also see Rick, Michonne, and Carl walking those railroad tracks together, and they stop to stare at something. Is it the gooey pile of walker-slaughter we saw in last week's episode, or is it maybe that "Sanctuary for all, community for all" Terminus sign?

As for the other storyline, we don't get much, other than the idea that Abraham isn't necessarily a bad guy ("We need each other, partner"), and Glenn yelling "What did you see?" at somebody (Tara?) before getting in a gun battle. Then Abraham tells him, "She's gone. No need for you to die too." I'm guessing he's talking about Maggie, right?

Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, has said that this is the show where we'll learn about the new trio's mission, which comics readers are familiar with:

Eugene is the package -- he's the mission and he has to be protected. (…) You'll get all the answers to where they're going and why. You know they're headed for Washington but the audience will learn all that in (episode 11) as to where they're going, why they think they're going there, what information Eugene has and that Abraham and Rosita believe him. There is no subtlety in it. It's this wonderful expositional moment that's literally ripped out of the comics where you meet these people, learn who they are as individuals and what they need from anyone else -- and you better f---ing be on board, because you don't have a choice!

Sounds like there will be some major conflict in that group, since Glenn wants one thing (to find Maggie) and Abraham is singularly focused on getting to D.C. And at the same time, we know from the comics that Abraham can identify with what Glenn's going through. Can't wait to see how everything shakes out!

Are you looking forward to Sunday's Walking Dead? If you've read the comics, do you think it's possible the mystery person with the gun is our first glimpse of one of the Hunters?

Image via AMC

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