Kailyn Lowry Defends Letting Son Play With Princess Toys​

Kailyn Lowry Issac

This really shouldn't come as a huge surprise at all, given what a laid-back attitude she has -- but Kailyn Lowry lets her son Isaac play with princess toys and couldn't care less what anyone thinks about it.

A fan on Twitter gave her some grief about allowing him to have "girl toys" as opposed to ones that are more typically associated with boys, you know -- because playing with them might turn him into a female or something.

Kailyn's response was pretty classic, if you ask me.


Check out her tweet back to said "fan."


(You tell 'em, honey!)

Seriously, what's the harm in letting a little boy play with princesses if that's what he's into? Granted, my own son was never interested in anything other than traditional "boy" stuff, but if he had been? Eh, I doubt I would've cared -- especially at the age of 4.

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More power to her for letting her little guy be whoever he wants to be and play with whatever he wants to play with. There are certainly much worse things Isaac could be interested in ... right?

Would you let your son play with princess toys?


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