Who Does Juan Pablo Pick? The Answer Is Obvious

who does juan pablo pickIt's hard to believe we're finally winding down this season of The Bachelor. It seems like only yesterday Juan Pablo was giving Sharleen the first impression rose and she was like, Uhhh thanks? But now, Sharleen is long gone (miss you girlfriend!) and we're down to the final four. 

For some reason, we Bachelor fans can't just watch the damn TV show and enjoy it. We need to search online for spoilers and ruin the entire show for ourselves.

And considering you clicked on this article, I'm guessing you, too, just can't wait the next couple of weeks to find out who Juan Pablo picks.

So who's it gonna be?


Well, first ... I'd rule out Andi Dorfman. As we already found out yesterday, Andi is rumored to be the next Bachelorette. Plus, something obviously goes down in that fantasy suite between the two of them and I don't mean the good stuff. So Andi's clearly out.

Then we have Clare Crawley. See, I like Clare. I know a lot of people aren't loving on her too much, but I don't understand why. She's beautiful, she adores Juan Pablo, and I find her to be very endearing. Also, she's the only one with enough guts to put up a fight against Nikki Ferrell. I think Clare would be the confrontational choice this season. If JP really ended up with her, I think we'd be hearing Chris pimp this out as the most controversial season finale yet. And he's not. So bye-bye Clare.

Then there's Nikki and Renee Oteri. My guess for the final two. I'd love for the final two to be Nikki and Clare. Ah, how amazing would that be? The funny part is, Renee seems like the perfect girl for Juan Pablo. She's beautiful, not crazy, totally down to Earth, and would be the perfect stepmom to little Camilla. But let's be real here, Juan Pablo isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I mean, he gave Sharleen a rose after she told him she wouldn't be okay with having Camila be her first child. So he's thinking with the wrong head, if you know what I mean.

That's why I'm leaning more toward Nikki as Juan Pablo's final choice. Mind you, I've been purposely avoiding spoilers, but it's hard because Bachelor fans are everywhere, dying to ruin the finale for just about anyone. I don't necessarily think Nikki and Juan Pablo are the greatest match, so I doubt she'll become Mrs. Pablo anytime soon, but I'm sure they'll make it at least two months dating. And in the Bachelor world, that's pretty impressive.

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Who do you think Juan Pablo will pick?


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