'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: The Family Faces a Serious Medical Decision

here comes honey boo booThis week, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo takes a serious turn. In recent weeks, we've seen the crazy Family Moon (in lieu of a honeymoon), a wild camping trip, and the creation of the now infamous Manper. But in the latest episode, the family must make a scary medical decision about their youngest member.


Anna's daughter Kaitlyn was born with two thumbs on one of her hands. Now that she is 1 year old, it's time to consider removing it.

It may sound like an unusual birth defect, but she's in good company. As Honey Boo Boo explains, she isn't the only family member with an interesting body part. Mama has forklift foot (whatever that is), Sugar Bear has his inside parts reversed (meaning his heart is on the wrong side), Anna's got a weird skinny gene (oh God forbid), Jessica's got shark teeth, and Uncle Poodle's got nine toes. 

They've got two options: leave the thumb there and she grows up with it or remove it. Problem is, Anna wants her baby to have the surgery and Mama is against it. She's afraid that the surgery could go wrong and it could paralyze her remaining thumb. She also is fearful of putting such a little baby under anesthesia. But Anna is worried about it being the butt of jokes or the reason she is teased as she grows older.

That doesn't mean she's not worried about the procedure. She cries knowing that her daughter has to go through surgery and the possibility something might go wrong. The issue becomes a real source of tension between Mama and her eldest daughter. But Anna doesn't back down asserting that the decision is ultimately up to her.

The decision in the end? After a visit with the doctor, Anna decides to wait a year. That's certainly a move Mama can live with.

Do you think they should remove Kaitlyn's extra thumb?


Image via DCL/TLC

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