Mackenzie Douthit Is the Victim of a Truly Shocking Crime

Mackenzie DouthitAlthough the past few months have been exciting ones for Mackenzie Douthit and her family as they welcomed the newest baby-shaped addition into their lives, they've also been more traumatic than any of us truly knew. It appears that just WEEKS after giving birth and JUST before she and Taylor McKee were supposed to move from one house to another, somebody broke into their home and stole as many of their belongings as they possibly could. The fact that said belongings were prepped for a move made it that much easier, which must make them feel twice as awful about the whole thing. 


Having to contend with a home invasion is never, you know, an awesome experience. You are left feeling violated and scared. Mackenzie must be feeling all those things and more, especially in light of the claims that the theft might have been perpetrated by someone who knew her and her family and knew this was the ideal time to commit such a crime. How terrible. Here's hoping that she and Taylor are doing okay and rebuilding in their new, safer home.

Has anyone ever broken into your house?


Image via Instagram

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