Kailyn Lowry's 'Biggest Regret' Might Surprise You

Kailyn Lowry Living your life in front of the cameras can't always be easy, especially when part of the reason the film crew is there to begin with is to chronicle a difficult period in your life. This is something Kailyn Lowry is more than a little familiar with. She opened up recently, talking about the highs and lows that come along with the opportunity to be able to watch and listen to yourself along with an at-home audience of strangers. Her biggest regret about her actions on Teen Mom 2 might surprise you -- I know it definitely surprised me. 


Kailyn regrets the way she talked about Isaac's dad while he was present and could hear what she was saying. That totally squeezed my heart. Unlike a lot of other ladies on the show (*cough* Jenelle Evans *cough*), it doesn't really seem like Kailyn has THAT much to apologize about when it comes to talking about her on-screen behavior of yore. This confession of her 'big regrets' is actually totally touching. Because the fact that she's mature enough to acknowledge her mistakes, and how they impact her children, is more proof of her maturity rather than any sort of real bad behavior. 

Do you think Kailyn's being too hard on herself?


Image via Instagram 

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