Jenelle Evans Is Going to Have No Friends, Thanks to Nathan Griffith

nathan griffithIt's pretty obvious that Jenelle Evans is super into her current baby daddy, Nathan Griffith. She's constantly tweeting about how in lurve the two of them are, and she seems to be on a rather intense quest to prove to the world that they're awesome people, who have totally got their shite together. And that's great. Because love is great!

But just because Jenelle is super in love with Nathan doesn't mean she should eliminate any and all other people from her life. That's so not healthy.


Jenelle recently tweeted the following message, and not gonna lie, it's a little concerning:

"No new friends"? GroundLevelUp (Nathan's Twitter handle) is all she needs? That's a recipe for disaster right there. It's great to have a strong relationship, but you need friends outside of your significant other. Otherwise, it's just ... weird.

Jenelle, sounds like you had a falling out with some friends, and that's a real bummer. But don't swear off making new ones. Think about it this way: If anything ever happens to you and Nathan, you'll be completely and totally alone. That doesn't sound fun, now does it?

GroundLevelUp isn't all you need, sister. Ovaries before brovaries; uteruses before duderises.

Do you think Jenelle is too obsessed with Nathan?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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