'Are You the One?' Recap: A Perfect Match at Last!

We've officially reached the halfway point of the Are You the One? challenge and have zero perfect matches and a stellar 0-for-4 track record in the truth booth. Fear not, however, because this week's episode actually leaves us with hope that the cast might see that $1 million payday. Well, maybe.

Seriously, don't hold your breath.


In the "Waterfalling for You" challenge, the contestants were paired off and had to rappel down a gushing Hawaiian waterfall while collecting flags. Naturally, we had the obligatory "rappelling down a cliff is the same as a communicating in a relationship" speech, and when four teams managed to complete the challenge, host Ryan Delvin sent them back to the tropical mansion.

And that's where everything got good. Simone and Jacy have never gotten along; that hasn't been a big secret. Their source of contention? The catch-of-the day and Napoleon Dynamite lookalike, John. But come on ladies, let's not fight over a dude (any chance of some girl power here?). Hmm, guess not. Nevertheless, in the middle of their heated discussion, John decides to start making it rain (read: throwing dolla dolla bills) at the two women. Um, not cool.

Rightfully so, they are a tad bit insulted, but John's reaction is what truly baffled me. He picked up a random trinket, threw it, and busted a glass door, then tore off his shirt and stormed down the stairs. Alcohol or not, that's never acceptable behavior.

So the next morning, when the winning couples from the challenge went on a kayak date, John was hungover couldn't make it. Bummer.

Even more sad, however, was the fact that Dre and Ashleigh, who were sent the truth booth last night, weren't a match.

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But hold on. We weren't done yet. The host announced that there would be not one, but two truth booth reveals tonight and one more couple would be hearing their fate. So Dillan and Coleysia (pictured above) were sent in for their big moment of truth. Dun dun dun ...

And lo and behold, they ARE a match and the world is upright again and I can sleep soundly at night. Plus, they're kind of adorable so I'm extra thankful. And they're now moving out of the communal house and into their own honeymoon suite. Bow chicka wow wow.

Their perfect match pairing also means that the contestants only have to find nine more couples. And at this week's ceremony, they managed to get five matches! While that's certainly pretty impressive, MTV shouldn't be writing that check out just yet. Next week's episode is upping the scandalous antics as Chris S. vows to play more even more mind games with Paige.

What are your thoughts: Are Dillan and Coleysia a perfect match? Have you figured out who the correct couples are?


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