The 1 Thing Farrah Abraham Can Do to Make $1 Million

FFarrah Aarrah Abraham has opened up a lot lately when it comes to talking about her experience working with Vivid Entertainment, the folks responsible for the production of her Backdoor Mom oeuvre. But with Farrah, the truth is a slippery sucker, and you never know just how much of what she says is true. Recently, she alleged that while promoting her videos, she was drugged and raped on more than one occasion. Steve Hirsch of Vivid is outraged by Farrah's allegations and wants to settle the matter once and for all.


Allegations like the ones Farrah's made are nothing to be taken lightly. Every time a woman is courageous enough to speak up about abuse or mistreatment, her statements should be taken seriously -- even someone with a spotty track record where the truth is concerned like Abraham.

Hirsch is saying he'll give her a million dollars if she takes a polygraph test to verify her claims of abuse. If she's telling the truth, he'll pay up -- if she's not, she owes Vivid a public apology. It's a totally tasteless maneuver. If Hirsch wanted to prove he meant business, he'd look into her claims rather than put her on trial in the tackiest way possible.

Do you think Hirsch was out of line?


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