Jenelle Evans Shares a Picture of What Her Baby Could Look Like

Nathan Griffith With so much dirt circulating about Jenelle Evans and her behavior during her latest pregnancy, it's easy to miss the adorable moments and just focus on the negative. Luckily it doesn't seem like Jenelle is letting the bad vibes out there get her down. She's focusing on the positives in her life. These include her life with Nathan Griffith and the exciting birth of baby number two! She shared a picture that could reveal exactly what her son will look like.


While visiting over at Nathan's mother's house, she was going through a bunch of old photographs and came across an ADORABLE one of a young Nathan! How cute is that? I kind of love it even more for being in a heart shape. Ridiculously cute. You just know that when their baby is born, he's going to be a little double of his daddy. Who needs fancy 3D sonograms when you've got old-school type evidence to show you what your child-to-be might look like?

Do you think the baby will look more like Jenelle or Nathan?


Image via Instagram

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