Jenelle Evans Can't Stop Talking About Her Hair

Jenelle Evans Jenelle Evans has a lot of things going for her these days. She's got the adoring boyfriend, the cute kid, and not to mention the bun in the oven. She's also got insanely fabulous hair that she loves to play around with. She's forever trying new styles. At one point Jenelle had me briefly convinced that I could possibly pull off a feather hair extension. Luckily (for all of us), it did not come to that. But just because you've got fabulous hair, that doesn't mean we all need constant reminders of this fact.


Yes, from time to time, we love to marvel at the woman's lustrous locks. But 'time to time' is the operative phrase therein. Lately Jenelle's been going hair-photo crazy when it comes to her Instagram account. Most recently she shared a pic of her 'undone' hair and didn't even attempt to cloak her vanity. Instead she crowed about not even having to use hairspray. It was almost distracting enough to blind us to the fact that she is basically nude in the photo. Almost. Maybe she should spend less time thinking about her hair and more time doing simple things -- like putting on shirts.

Do you like this new look, hair-wise?


Image via Instagram

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