The Crazy Moment NeNe Leakes' Disastrous Downward Spiral Began (VIDEO)

My goodness. Between Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and New York City, we had so much Real Housewives gossip to cover that I had to put Mob Wives on hold for a week! Don't worry, I'll go back to them next week. But in the meantime ...

In today's exclusive video below, I go in DEEP over NeNe Leakes' behavior. I heard you loud and clear in all the comments last week and am excited to hear what you have to say this week! I explain why I think Kenya Moore made a tactical error behind the scenes and how similar things have happened in NYC.

We've got Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce, we've got Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Vanderpump, and ALSO the sneak preview of New York City!   


Let me tell you also about something I had to cut from the video for time. I loved seeing Yolanda Foster with not only her daughter but also her ex and current husbands. It's rare for reality TV that we see former and current spouses all chatting together -- she gets major originality points there. I do have to ask WHAT that orange jumpsuit was all about -- is she auditioning for a certain hit Netflix series?

Exposing strategies, whether cast or crew, is always fun when deconstructing reality television. There's always another layer to pull off, and this week I go beyond event attendance to all the ways you can legitimately AVOID an event, including some I've used myself.

One of the dirtiest, nastiest tricks in the Housewives handbook involves women going after other gals' husbands. I hate it. Do you know what I'm talking about? I explain.

What else? Brandi is fighting a losing battle if she chooses to beg for Scheana's removal. She is now a valuable Vanderpump Rules castmate, so that will never happen.

And New York. Taglines, boyfriends, and legs ... oh my! Oh, and viewer questions! Watch below ....

Do you think NeNe made a big mistake with the way she behaved?


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