'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Finally Gets Called Out

Lisa Vanderpump It looks like a majority of the Housewives are no longer content with being the well-dressed and expertly made-up toy dolls danced around at Lisa Vanderpump's will. With Brandi Glanville the latest to jump on the anti-Lisa bandwagon along with Kyle and Kim Richards and the colorful Yolanda Foster, Lisa's reign of glamorous English terror is about to end. This is appropriate, as it is Presidents' Day, when we celebrate our founding fathers giving King George the bird and being all "SCREW TAXES" and then becoming drunken pirates. (Spoiler alert: History confused me.)

Lisa finally went too far, and her hand of manipulation and treachery was shown at a party for Yolanda's model-daughter Gigi. When Kyle, in an immature if heartfelt gesture of kindness, had Brandi pass on a ring to Carlton Gebbia to complete the necklace she'd given her before their falling out, Lisa couldn't let it lie.


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She whispered like a serpent (or Alan Rickman) in Carlton's ear, "But ... the necklace is blue, isn't it?" Woe unto Lisa for she had no idea this query would be her undoing. Lol. She really should have been more careful about playing each side of the field. She quite literally was egging Carlton into confronting Kyle at the party! Luckily, like her or lump her, Carlton is a sensitive soul with manners in reserve (when she deigns to use them). She peaced-out, and Yolanda sternly reprimanded Lisa who feigned willful ignorance of any wrongdoing.

But the damage was done. Without Brandi as an ally, Lisa was revealed to be a dirty-dealer. Like Icarus before her, verily did Vanderpump in her arrogance alight too close to the sun, and now, wings scorched, she is plummeting back towards Earth. "How on Earth did I let these buffoons get the better of me?" You can clearly see her wondering. How indeed. She pretends not to care that she's being called out for all her scheming, but clearly the woman is in panic mode. 

Do you think Lisa will be able to get anyone back over onto her team?


Image via Bravo

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