'Bachelor' Recap: Sexual Chemistry Alone Won't Land Juan Pablo a Wife

'The Bachelor' Juan PabloHoly overload. On this week's episode of The Bachelor, the final six girls are back home with Juan Pablo in Miami. And before we get into the drama that is Sharleen Joynt's big decision, Nikki meeting JP's family (and Camila!), and the awkwardness that is Clare and Nikki's hatred for one another -- can we laugh about how the ladies are greeted in their Miami penthouse hotel suite? Welcome to Miami, ladies! Here's some dental floss. And by dental floss, I mean strategically placed free bikinis.

However, there was minimal bikini time this episode. You know what we did learn, though? That sexual chemistry can only get you so far. With hometown dates on the horizon, the girls are all starting to question what they really have in common with Juan Pablo aside from being hot and beautiful.


First let's get the elephant out of the room: My heart hurts for Sharleen. Because as awkward of a human being as she is, she finally seemed normal this episode. Well, much more normal, anyway. And for her to pull the cord, leave the show, and be honest with herself that this scenario with Juan Pablo, albeit sexually charged, isn't what's right for her -- that's respectable. And amid all of the tears and awkward pauses, Juan Pablo says the best thing he's said so far in season 18:

You can't be sorry for something that you actually feel.

So damn profound, that man. Which brings me to my next thought: I liked you a little more this week, Juan Pablo. Watching the way he took Sharleen's disappointing news, seeing him nod in agreement as he listened to why she needed to leave, seeing the way that he took it, watching those tears -- he handled it all with grace and sophistication.

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But I can't help but wonder if any of the other women are blinded by the sexual chemistry that they have with Juan Pablo going forward. Andi (my personal fave) even made note of her physical chemistry, NOT their potential mental connection, during a one-on-one with the camera. Clare's intense sexual chemistry with Juan Pablo has earned her a major enemy in the house with Nikki. I'll even argue that Chelsie is the one that went home because that physical, sexual chemistry wasn't as there with her and JP as it is with the others.

Personally, I'm just looking forward to seeing the remaining four girls get a heavy dose of reality in the two episodes' worth of hometown dates next week (especially Nikki, considering she refers to a man that's currently dating three other women as her "boyfriend"). With a proposal looming in the future, there's no way their families are going to fall for JP based on his good looks alone.

Who do you think has the best chemistry with Juan Pablo?

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