'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Is Finally Trying to Act Like a Mom

Jenelle EvansOK, it's time for MTV to 'fess up! What have they done with the real Jenelle Evans? The girl we're seeing on Teen Mom 2 lately is nearly unrecognizable from the one we saw in seasons 1 through 4. In fact, get this: Jenelle not only did some normal mom stuff with son Jace on tonight's episode, but she actually wanted more!

Could we be seeing the new and improved Jenelle Evans? It couldn't be coming at a better time!


The episodes, of course, were shot last year, and we now know that Jenelle is expecting baby number two with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Well, tonight we found out how that happened -- the two talked about pulling the goalie and making a baby after just two months of dating. Even her best friend Tori was shocked and pretty much told her she was being an idiot, especially with a felony charge still hanging over her head, but since when does Jenelle listen to anyone else's opinions?

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She and Nathan even made the rather brave decision to come out and tell her mom, Barbara, that they were planning to have a child.

I will say this about Jenelle -- and Nathan too -- it showed a lot of maturity for them to talk about their plans like reasonable adults. In the past, this is the exact kind of thing Jenelle would have hidden from her mom, but she seems to be taking more ownership of her life and her life's choices.

She's also showing a lot more interest in being a mom, and not just in the babymaking sense. Tonight we saw her take Jace to his swimming lessons and actually ask her mom for more time with him. When Barbara said no, she'd rather Jace come home and rest, Jenelle didn't throw a fit -- something she would have done in the past. She even seemed honestly excited that Jace would get to come visit her the next day, a big change from the days when she was whining about having to get out of bed to actually, gasp, spend time with her child.

Of course, Jenelle isn't the only one we've seen change -- even if her changes have been some of the more drastic.

Chelsea has really started to come into her own, especially since starting aesthetician school. She's totally over A-D-A-M, and tonight she even managed to drop Aubree off with her dad for awhile and go on a girls' weekend in LA with bestie Megan.

Poor Leah, however, had to say goodbye to HER bestie. Kayla has been there through it all -- she's a regular on TM2 -- but now she's married and moving to Vegas to be with her military husband. Now Leah is alone without her husband OR her best friend around to help her with three kids.

And then there's Kailyn. She made the big move to Delaware ... without telling Jo! Their court case is still up in the air -- in fact, they're going to meet with a mediator next week (from the looks of the promo) -- but she decided she doesn't want to be away from her own military hubby any longer. After Javi closed on their house in Dover, close to where he's stationed by the Air Force, she packed up their apartment and slipped out of Pennsylvania with Isaac.

Risky move! Judges don't tend to look too kindly on that kind of thing. But then, Javi has a point -- it doesn't make any sense for him to be away from HIS baby and for Jo to be away from his son. Shouldn't one kid at least get to spend full time with dad? And as long as Kailyn makes sure Isaac still gets to spend as much time with Jo as he did before the move, it's not like Jo is missing out here. It's Kail and Javi who have to do extra driving!

What do you think of the way the girls have changed? Who has changed the most?


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