'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: The Boys Pay $10K For Ice Skating Leaving Us Speechless

rich kidsIt's hard to know what to think about The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills as the series goes on. It would be untrue to say that it doesn't have its wonderful moments. Also, the show's two main lady protagonists, Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart are devilishly smart. Yes, they say amazing, appalling things -- but they absolutely know what they're doing. Which is more than I can say about the majority of reality television. Some weeks we love this show, others, it leaves us royally miffed.

This week we're miffed. Morgan's boyfriend and his buddy Cooper set up an amazing double date for Morgan and Dorothy. Dinner was uneventful enough. Eyes only moderately rolled back when the conversation devolved into the price tag on Morgan's BF's new car. But then the second half of the date happened. The guys rented an entire ice skating rink for just the four of them.


And the girls...totally hated it. They complained, they moaned, they fell over, they whined. I can't even imagine doing any other than beaming ear to ear if someone did something that romantic for me. Hell, if a stranger holds open a door for me that's enough to get me through a week, you know?

They only seemed to get excited when they learned the price-tag of the rental - $10K! THAT IS INSANE. FOR A DATE. FOR ONE LITTLE DATE. Even then they weren't psyched -- they would have rather the cost had gone towards buying them both handbags. Excuse me, I have to shower now and try to rid my body of this patina of poverty and envy that I cannot seem to shake.

Did you think the girls were being cute or bratty?


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