'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Nene Leaks' Temper Ruins Everything

RHOA Now, we all know how much I adore Nene Leakes. The entire cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are something special (Porsha Parks, please call me and let's chortle about all things lady-like and macabre) but Nene is a bright light even among those other luminaries. But this week she made a big boo-boo. Still, it wasn't entirely her fault. Guess who was to blame. Yeah. It's not a shocker -- the finger of blame falls squarely on Kenya "I Exist For Rebecca to Direct Her Rage Upon" Moore

Kenya still hadn't made up things with Nene after their confrontation at the massage parlor. A confrontation that followed ANOTHER confrontation at Nene's pillow talk event. I like to think that if someone is writing this show, they have a blackboard with the word 'CONFRONTATION' written on it, and then a series of nouns that they pluck from a bowl. Next week Confrontation Chicken Wings. *Fingers crossed*. 


Rather than own up directly to Nene about her role in the events at the pajama party, Kenya apologized to all the other ladies. She let it be known that she was having an Eyes Wide Shut themed party...to honor Nene and support her favorite charity. I can't even with this. Where to begin? That she didn't tell Nene that she would be the guest of honor at a party, or that she thought the best way to support a charity for troubled young girls was to throw a sex party. I just. Cannot.

Nene couldn't either. Her ire was further stoked when Kenya asked her up to speak to the collected throng. Nene barely managed to say two words, and as Peter Thomas pointed out, a charity event (however tacky) isn't the place to publicly beef with a friend. Nene was in the wrong, and it seemed that she knew it too. Here's hoping she rights this ship next time.

Do you think Nene was out of line?

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