Kailyn Lowry to Open Up About Rape, Addiction & Other Painful Life Events

kailyn lowryWell, this is unsettling, to say the least. As you may have heard, Kailyn Lowry's autobiography, Pride Over Pity, is set to hit stands this April. According to Kailyn, it will be nothing like Farrah Abraham's Pulitzer contender, My Teenage Dream Ended, but instead will contain "a lot of things involving addiction, rape, being abandoned by [her] dad ... and tons of things in between." Whoa. We all knew that Kailyn didn't have the easiest childhood, but what's this about sexual assault and addiction?


Kailyn made the announcement on her Facebook page, and she didn't specify who she was talking about. Part of me assumes it's her, since the book is an autobiography, but another part of me is really hoping it isn't.

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Either way, it's incredibly brave for Kailyn to open up like this. It takes serious guts to vulnerably put yourself out there like that. I'm sure the book will be a fascinating read, and hopefully it will give other women the strength to tell their stories.

Are you going to buy Kailyn's book?

Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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