Is Farrah Abraham Lying About Her 'Abusive' Parents?

farrah abrahamOkay, so I don't think any of us here think "honest" when we think Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom star has been caught in numerous lies over the years, including saying her professionally shot porno was really just a "leaked" sex tape. But if Farrah lied about her parents verbally and physically abusing her -- that's really disturbing.

If you're up on your Teen Mom goss, you'll recall that recently Farrah accused her parents of some terrible things. She said, "My parents would beat me with a belt if I acted out. I had cuts, bruises, welts, swelling, and scars." Horrifying. But now people are calling BS on Farrah's claims. Apparently, the website The Ashley reached out to Farrah's parents for a comment, but they refused to speak unless they were paid (weird). But a source who claims to be close with Farrah's family says that Farrah’s latest accusations are not true, stating, "Absolutely not. She’s nuts. There was no abuse that I can recall."


Hmm. I'm a little torn here. On one hand, we all saw Farrah's parents be weird and controlling on Teen Mom, but on the other, it's strange that Farrah's just coming out with this now -- and that she lets her parents watch her daughter so often. As unsettling as a lie would be, for her and Sophia's sake, I hope the accusations aren't true.

If only she hadn't been untruthful so often in the past.

Do you think Farrah's parents abused her?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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