'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham Finds Out What Men Really Think of Her

Farrah ArahamWell, Teen Mom fans, I've got bad news and good news. This week's Couples Therapy may have given us the least amount of Farrah Abraham we've gotten all season. That's the bad news. The good news?

We found out what happens when Farrah tries online dating!


It's been pretty awkward for Farrah as the only non-coupled up person in the Couples Therapy house ... for obvious reasons. But her single status seemed to be working for her for the first time when the therapists decided to spring a "compatibility" test on the couples. At least Farrah didn't have to do some serious nail biting until the results came in ... or get the shocker that Jon Gosselin and girlfriend Liz got when the test givers declared them "incompatible" (to be fair, is a guy really going to be compatible with a woman who will call him a "p---y" on national TV? Just saying ...).

Instead, the therapists decided Farrah should fill out an online dating profile so they could judge how she does at picking men.

But first, she got advice on what she should say.

Farrah announced on her profile that she wants to get married, but get this, the folks at PlentyofFish.com who were running the compatibility testing actually advised her to take that off so she didn't scare guys off. Instead they told her to say that she wants to "find a relationship."

Not bad advice for anyone, but especially for Farrah. She has this habit of rushing into things. Remember Daniel Alvarez, the guy she dated on the last season of Teen Mom? They'd barely just met and she was already dropping marriage hints every five seconds.

So how'd it all work out for her? Welllllll, it didn't. Apparently the guys who checked her out said she was "cute" but didn't want to end up on TV.

Hey Farrah, maybe that's a sign?

What did you think of the compatibility tests?


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