'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's Reason for Keeping Sharleen Around Is Totally Confusing

When watching this season of The Bachelor, I find it difficult to believe that these girls are actually feeling a connection with Juan Pablo Galavis. The conversations never seem to get very far. In fact, we still don't know much about Juan Pabs other than the fact that he has a daughter and an accent. There's a whole lot of tongue and not enough talk.

Especially with frontrunner Sharleen Joynt. From the very first night, she's been uncertain about Juan Pablo -- and week after week I kept thinking, why the hell is she still here? Won't Juan Pablo feel stupid when he watches all of her confessionals filled with doubt?

Well, apparently not. Surprisingly, JP is well aware of Sharleen's feelings (or lack thereof). And that's why he keeps giving her roses.


He admitted:

I knew Sharleen had doubts about being here and how I felt about her, so I decided to give her a little reassurance by giving her the rose. I give the roses depending on whom I think needs the confidence more.

Um, Juan Pablo? Did you leave your Bachelor rule book at home? Aren't you supposed to be giving roses to the women you feel the strongest connections with? Not the ones who you know want to go home? And what about his daughter, Camila? He still gave Sharleen a rose after she admitted to wanting her first child to be her own. How will that ever work? (Spoiler: It won't ever work.) So why is he keeping her around?

In my opinion, this guy is just looking to have fun. Dare I say it ... Juan Pablo isn't in it for the right reasons. Any other Bachelor would have sent a girl home, despite how attracted to her he was, if he thought she had this many doubts.

It definitely seems like Sharleen is going to pull herself out of the competition in the next episode, but it's still crazy that she's lasted this long given how unsure she's been this entire time. I think this is the first Bachelorette in history to last this many weeks without even liking The Bachelor.

Do you think Juan Pablo is crazy for keeping Sharleen in the competition despite how she feels?

Image via JuanPabloGalavis/Twitter

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