Nathan Griffith Loses His Mind Defending Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans Whoa. It's a good thing Jenelle Evans is a born fighter with a passion for brawling. Because it looks like her baby daddy, and winner of the award for most abs-having Teen Mom cast member, Nathan Griffith, likes to throw down a fair bit himself. His latest battle was waged with words instead of fists, so I guess that's something. But watching Nathan lash out on Twitter at his ex-friend definitely revealed that the guy's got quite the temper. He's not anyone I'd ever want to go to fisticuffs with, that is for sure. 


Nathan went off on his former pal Mariah Worth after she made one innocuous (if obnoxious) comment on Twitter. When someone asked her if she and Nathan still spoke, she replied saying, "No, we aren't allowed to be acquainted," implying that Jenelle stopped Nathan from talking to her. 

A normal person would have ignored this drama and gone about their business, eating granola bars and thinking about Tori Spelling (IE: That is what I am doing right now), but Nathan went off. He sent tweet after tweet after tweet railing against Mariah. Is this a case of a dude desperately in love and lashing out, or desperately trying to hide something?

Do you think Nathan has feelings for Mariah?


Image via Instagram

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