Kailyn Lowry's Hubby Has Big Regrets About Her Pregnancy

Kailyn Lowry Um. Wow. Just in time for Valentine's Day, Kailyn Lowry's manwich Javi Marroquin is opening up about his feelings in a big way. Don't you love that Kailyn's ended up with someone as honest and kind as Javi? Recently in an interview, Kailyn shared just how stressful her pregnancy with new baby Lincoln really was. A large part of that stress came from Javi living out of state five days during the week. Kailyn confronted him about how tough that was for her, and his reaction might as well have been accompanied by tiny, naked, winged cupids with harps, it was so sweet. 


Javi said that he regretted not being able to be physically present for Kailyn and that he hadn't been able to pamper her more! I love that rather than getting defensive, Javi just put it all out there and told Kailyn he was sorry and that he had his share of regrets about her pregnancy, too. It's great that these two are so connected and fully on the same page. The way they communicate is something we could all learn from. I've already told my imaginary boyfriend as much but I don't think he was listening. 

Do you think Kailyn and Javi are in it for the long haul?


Image via Instagram

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