Bruno Mars Baffles Nurse With Hilarious Prank on 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

Bruno Mars Ellen Show Nurse PrankWe already knew he could sing and dance after watching that electrifying performance at the Super Bowl, but Bruno Mars is flexing some serious comedic acting chops on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. With the talk show host feeding him lines through a hidden ear piece, Bruno played a prank on an unsuspecting nurse in the dressing room.

Faking a throat injury, Bruno, or Ramón as he prefers to be called, hasn't "swallowed since the Super Bowl." Ellen's words, not mine. The poor and sweet nurse gently examines his throat while Bruno and Ellen try everything they can to make her crack.

Plus, there are tears. You just have to see it for yourself.


Watch the hilarity here:

How would you react if you were the nurse?

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