'Are You the One?' Contestant Forgot to Mention Secret Marriage & Baby

Can't believe everything you see on TV, right? Well it turns out that one of the contestants on the new MTV dating show Are You the One? might not actually be as single as he may have implied.

In fact, Andrean "Dre" McCoy is very much a married man and a newly minted father, according to TMZ. The former high school basketball star and current actor/model, as he's described by MTV, got married to Tiffany Gore less than one year ago. The two looked pretty chummy at the birth of their son just months before production began for the MTV show.


Apparently, the network was not aware of Dre's marital status, though being single would seem like a pretty basic requirement for any possible cast members on a dating show. "Hi, my name is Dre, and I'm married." NEXT!

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To clear up the drama, Dre took to Instagram, where he posted a video (which has since been deleted!) confirming that, yes, he does indeed have a son with Tiffany. He also admitted that he is "currently single and looking for my match." So line up, ladies! The separated and soon-to-be-divorced guy is supposedly still looking for his true love.

I mean, how many times have we heard of people going on reality TV for the wrong reasons? Cough, The Bachelor, cough. But this just seems like a new low and a clear ploy for some reality fame. But best of luck to you, Dre. May you find your perfect match among the group of women you have successfully fooled. Anything for a million dollars, right?

Do you think Dre should be on the show if he's not yet single?


Image via MTV

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