Pregnant Jenelle Evans Suffers Another Serious Health Scare

jenelle evansTime to get serious, y'all. Pregnant Jenelle Evans has a health issue and it ain't cool. The Teen Mom star apparently has a problem with her intestines, and she took to Twitter to share the news. "I found out something is wrong with my small intestine," Jenelle tweeted. "I have blockage and food or liquids won't pass through." She then alluded that surgery might be in order, saying, "[They] never know what to do with me cuz I'm pregnant and they don't want to risk anything. My point is I need to see my doc like I said and will ASAP when I get back [from Los Angeles] tomorrow."


Geez. Think what you want of the girl, but Jenelle has had a rough run recently. Not only was she just involved in a nude scandal, this isn't the first health issue Jenelle has experienced during her pregnancy. Jenelle was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago after experiencing extreme nausea, and a few months before that, she had a miscarriage!

Get well soon, Jenelle! I may not be a fan of the general way you live your life, but I certainly don't like hearing about a pregnant lady with health issues!

What do you think of Jenelle's second pregnancy?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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